Do you KNOW there's more to life than what's been offered to you so far?


Do you KNOW that ease with your body, with your business, with your finances, your relationships, your kids, your dog, your everything is POSSIBLE ?


Would you like to be empowered to do and be and create all those things you KNOW ?

I offere several classes and workshops all designed to empower you with easy, pragmatic, truly magical tools to create, be and have the life YOU KNOW is possible !

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Access Bars Kurs - THUN
Wed, Oct 14
Gewerbestrasse 15
Oct 14, 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Gewerbestrasse 15, Gewerbestrasse 15, 3600 Thun, Switzerland
Entspannen, auflösen, loslassen auf K(n)opfdruck! 1 Tag Praktikerausbildung 8h von 9.00h bis 17.00h Alles im Leben kommt zu uns mit Freude, Leichtigkeit und Herrlichkeit!
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