Hallo Körper, Wie geht es dir?

What if this could be the question you wake up to every single day and that makes you smile and light up?

Are you...

...struggeling with body shaming?
Are you loving your body or judging it?

....struggeling with body shape and image?

Your weight and shape isn’t something you should be ashamed of. What if you could be proud of your body and conquer the world together no matter what your size is?

...ready for a mental and bodily make-over?

Your mindset and what you are telling yourself on a daily basis is one of the pivotal points in the creation and therefore transformation of your bodys image and shape. What if it was easy as “change your thoughts  – change your body shape” ?


Where does this coaching program come from?

I’ve been there. Exactly where you are right now!

Judging and shaming starts in our head and in our heart. I'd build it up over the years. Listening and learning from to others how they viewed and lived with their bodies. Mimicing their example.

  • I was very unhappy with my health

  • I did not love my body

  • I found it millions of flaws

  • I had no gratitude for it

  • I was shaming and judging myself

I totally get where you're at right now...

...the thought's running through your mind all day. ...every time you see yourself in a mirror.

...when you're out with your friends and compare yourself to them.

...the self-doubts.

...the self-shaming.

...the hoping and wishing for a sudden and some how miraculous change.

And I get where you're heading to!

What you know is possible!

That there has to be a possbility, a way of living that is going to make you happy with your body.

And I am here to tell you Yes !

Yes, there is and I am so happy to be able to share it with so you too can live a happy, blissful and fulfilled life with your body instead of inspite of !

I started TO COMMUNICATE with my body.

I learned how to communicate and get the needs, wants and requirements of bodies.

I learned and tested that every body is different and unique and learned to embrace the quirks and weirdnesses of mine.

I found tools, methods and ways to make communication with my body easy and pragmatic.

And today, I love my body and I would love for you to be able to say the same and actually mean it!

Today I desire to empower you with every thing you need to know in order to change the way you look at your body.

When you change your mindset, you change everything you're interacting with.


Including your body!


And since I’m all about ease, joy & glory instead of  difficult, lengthy and complicated, I’ve designed this program to be everything I wished my journey to #bodylove would have been!


The world has been waiting long enough for You to show up!


To embody all your beauty, power and potency!


You’re needed.


Your uniqueness and difference is what will contribute to create a blissful and joyful life beyond.


What if you could create a life that is an inspiration, a gift and a transformation for yourself and everyone you might meet?

I’m so excited to read your application for the program!

4-Weeks Program


CHF 1’200
(payable in 3 installments)

8-Weeks Program


CHF 2'400

(payable in 5 installments)


10-Weeks Program


CHF 3'600

(payable in 6 installments)

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